Saturday, 25 July 2009

Pancakes and ankles...

Crumbs, how time flies when you're having fun!!!

Went to market again today... it was a bit slow going to start with (maybe that was because we got there about 45 minutes earlier than usual??!!) but it ended up being quite a good day, thankfully. And no rain...which is always a bonus!!! The wind really picked up this afternoon though which is a bit of a nightmare; wind and jewellery don't mix very well!! The people in the gazebo next to me were making scrumptious pancakes and their batter mix got blown over when their gazebo went for a little flying lesson...the perils of outdoor markets, hey?! Luckily no-one ended up with egg on their face ;-)

I made a few commissions while I was there today, including my first ever ankle bracelet. It did look really nice and I caught myself thinking, hmm, maybe I should make myself one... but then I thought yes, but I live in trousers and not sure I really want to draw attention to my lily-white ankles!!! So that's the end of that train of thought!

And on that bombshell....I'm off to eat my well-earned chilli!


P.S. I will add photos of some of the goodies I made today later , once I've taken them (I forgot to take my camera to market - d'oh!).

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