Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy New Year!!

Just a quick note to wish everyone a very happy and healthy 2010. I hope it is a good one for you all ;-)


Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Long time, no blog...

...again!! Just where does the time go?! I have no idea, all I know is that there isn't enough time to go around in our household!! So much to do ;-)

Well I have been mega busy this past week. I've done a couple of really good jewellery parties, the first time I've done any since Christmas I think!! And I have more booked so that's great ;-) The market in town wasn't so great last week but I'm hoping this week will be better.

I have had some commission work to do which I've just about finished now so that's all good.

I sold out of all my coasters...can you believe it?! I'm really chuffed but my poor kiln has been working it's little socks off (as has the kiln operator!). I have some really cute designs in the pipeline (well, I think they are anyway!) so I will post some pics when I have completed them.

I met a really nice lady called Christina who's told me all about a new monthly craft fair so I'm going to give that a try next month :o)

Before I go, I just have to share this picture of my boys having a little go on my lovely Dad's Tramper... they just love it when Grandad comes round on it because they get to have a ride up and down (and up and down, and up and down...) the drive! Just look at the joy in their faces - all 3 of them ;-)

Right, I think it's about time I hit the sack now, it was a late one last night...and the night before....and the night before.... and I'll be all crabby tomorrow if I don't get some sleep SOON!!!

Night night all,


Monday, 3 August 2009

Catch up...

Feel like I'm constantly playing catch up at the moment...have got out of the habit of blogging already!! I've had a little go at 'tweeting' on Twitter , you can't write as much so maybe I'd be better suited to that (sometimes!). Then again, I do like writing when I actually sit down and get going ;-)
Anyway, we went to a grey and wet art market on Saturday which was a bit of a dead loss to be honest...seemed to be plenty of people around but no-one stopping to look. There were only 7 art stalls so not sure whether that was something to do with it...not really a lot to entice people I suppose, is it?!!
So because of the weather and the way we consequently laid the stall out to keep the goodies and customers dry, I didn't get chance to make anything on Saturday. But I have made up for it!! Oh yes! Here are some that I actually took pictures of:
a silver plated Swarovski ring:

a Swarovski set in capri blue and crystal AB:

a really long green Czech glass necklace and clipon earrings:

I have also finally finished off the picture for my friend's newborn baby, not great sewing but then I haven't done any for about 20 years...oh, and please excuse the rubbishy photo, I was in a bit of a rush...catching up ;-)

(I think the pictures will all enlarge if you click on them) x

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Pancakes and ankles...

Crumbs, how time flies when you're having fun!!!

Went to market again today... it was a bit slow going to start with (maybe that was because we got there about 45 minutes earlier than usual??!!) but it ended up being quite a good day, thankfully. And no rain...which is always a bonus!!! The wind really picked up this afternoon though which is a bit of a nightmare; wind and jewellery don't mix very well!! The people in the gazebo next to me were making scrumptious pancakes and their batter mix got blown over when their gazebo went for a little flying lesson...the perils of outdoor markets, hey?! Luckily no-one ended up with egg on their face ;-)

I made a few commissions while I was there today, including my first ever ankle bracelet. It did look really nice and I caught myself thinking, hmm, maybe I should make myself one... but then I thought yes, but I live in trousers and not sure I really want to draw attention to my lily-white ankles!!! So that's the end of that train of thought!

And on that bombshell....I'm off to eat my well-earned chilli!


P.S. I will add photos of some of the goodies I made today later , once I've taken them (I forgot to take my camera to market - d'oh!).

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Great weekend, not so great start to the week...

We had a fab weekend. We were at the Curdridge Show on Saturday which was really nice. It's the first time I've been there and it was a lovely day out (plus I saw lots of people I knew so had a good catch up!!). And we sold lots of nice things ;-)
Then we went straight to my Dad's 65th birthday party so a busy day!!

On Sunday we went over to the Isle of Wight for a very good friend's son's 1st birthday party. We haven't seen as much of each other since she moved to the Island but it was so lovely to spend time chatting, chasing the boys and eating lots of birthday cake! But talk about windy!! (The weather!). We went on the ferry so the trip over the water wasn't too bad, although Billy did shout at the top of his voice 'OH NO! WE'RE GONNA CRASH' as we left Cowes!

So...why has this week not started brilliantly? Well, whilst I'm super busy with jewellery orders at the moment - which is great - my other half was made redundant yesterday :-(
Although it's a bit of a worry he is definitely in a much better mood now he has been 'released'!! Maybe this is the fresh start he needed. So if anyone hears of an opportunity for a very good technical IT consultant/account manager let me know!!!

Thursday, 16 July 2009 you want to see how they turned out??

The coasters I'm talking about!! I can announce that I didn't end up with one big blob of glass (thank goodness!) and I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out. One or two are a bit rough around the edges but you've got to expect that when you're using a different kiln I think. Generally I am well chuffed with the results!
I wanted to share a picture of them with you so here's the fresh batch still in the kiln:

Now all we have to do is sell them, any takers?! ;-)
I will report back after the weekend...until then....

Wednesday, 15 July 2009


As I am at the Curdridge Show this Saturday and my glass stock is dwindling I decided I should really take lots more of the coasters with me but my kiln is just too small for firing lots of big things and is on non-stop as it is!! So..... I've managed to rent the space in a MASSIVE kiln for the day! I'm so excited! I just hope they come out OK, otherwise I'll end up with a massive glass wallhanging instead, LOL!
I set it all up this morning and am due to go and see the damage tomorrow afternoon.
Keep your fingers crossed ;-)

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