Thursday, 2 July 2009

Picnics and pony rides in the park

I've got to share a picture of my eldest boy with you...we had a teddy bears picnic with his playschool yesterday and they had arranged for pony rides for the children in the park. I didn't think Billy would be up for it but he loved it! Here he is with the biggest hat they had on his head (he has a rather large noggin!)...

It was a lovely afternoon and both my boys thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

The strawberry tea for Breast Cancer Care was today...not as well turned out as Nicola hoped but we did manage to raise some money which was great.

Some good news this afternoon - I had a repeat order for a ring I sold on MISI today. The lady had bought it for her Mum and loved it so much she wanted another for herself! It's such a lovely feeling when people write and say how much they like something you've made :o)
Maybe I need to make some more of these:

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