Saturday, 20 June 2009

Great day ;-)

Had my best day ever at market today - it was great and the sun had his hat on too, hip hip hooray!! Trouble is I was so busy selling I didn't get any chance to make stuff so my stock needs replenishing quite a bit now...but that's not a complaint cos I just love making jewellery! You'd think after all these years the magic might have gone but it hasn't, don't think it ever will ;-)
Got to make some hairpins for a lady to collect next week so I will post pics once they're done; blue and crystal to go with a prom dress (which sounded beautiful)...
Also was my first week selling on MISI this week. I only put 2 rings on there to start with and I've already sold one of them - woohoo!! Need to get some more bits on there I think! I've also put some of Andy's Mum's paintings on there so have a look if you can ;-)
Right, off to go and scoff a paella that my man's made now..yum...

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