Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Berried treasure!

Took the boys strawberry picking this afternoon, we had to delve deeply to find them but the strawberries are absolutely lush ;-). Just a shame they were a bit thin on the ground today. I guess maybe the first couple of days after a nice weekend is not a good time to go if you want easy pickings! We had a great time anyway and the boys got to wander around the aquarium/pond shop afterwards too.

Boys have had a good day today I think. We did some painting of penguins this morning for the carnival float and I dug out some old stamps and ink pads for them to make pictures with; they seemed to enjoy it judging by the mess ;-)

As it was such a lovely day we spent most of it outside. We've had the bubble machine going in the garden, Billy's been riding his new (to him) bike...he's picked it up sooooo quickly, 5 minutes and he was off! Obviously Tom has had to follow suit on the little trike (except he needs blocks on the pedals cos his poor little legs don't reach!). And now they are both exhausted and crashed out!

So I guess that's my cue for getting dinner sorted. Got to re-paint the penguins tonight ready for B to take to playschool in the morning - it looks like they're part of some kind of gothic penguin sect at the moment LOL!

I'll try & post pics tonight

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